Integrations: become more efficient

Save time, increase your efficiency and bridge the gap between your marketing and sales organisations by integrating your CRM platform with APSIS. Make the most of your data and encourage relevant and engaging communication - all at the same time.

integrera ditt crm med e-postmarknadsföring

See all your data in one environment

Imagine being able to use both your traditional CRM data and the data your APSIS solution collects, all within arm's reach in your own CRM platform. APSIS’ integrations with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce and SuperOffice opens up new possibilities of using your collected data: segmentation, personalisation, analytics, reporting - all of which contribute to your digital marketing success.

Synchronise your campaigns automatically

Integrating your CRM solution with APSIS lets you automatically synchronise your marketing lists, selections or campaigns with your APSIS lists. Instead of spending time on manual imports, you will be able to focus on other tasks that create real value for you and your audience, like converting more leads and growing your business.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

APSIS Pro for Dynamics CRM

Bridge the gap between sales and marketing. Automate your campaigns within your Dynamics CRM platform.


APSIS Pro for Salesforce

Use the combined power of Salesforce and APSIS Pro to monitor your customers’ behaviour and campaigns.


APSIS Pro for WordPress

APSIS Pro for WP integrates APSIS Pro with WordPress. Add subscription forms to APSIS Pro on your site!


Create marketing dialogues

Automatically synchronising your marketing lists, campaigns and selections with our APSIS solution lets you create customised, yet automated marketing programs by having your CRM platform work in harmony with APSIS Pro. Build welcome flows and educational email programs to create valuable marketing dialogues with your contacts, while saving both time and energy on your part.

Draw from our experience

Use our specialised knowledge of Nordic markets to your advantage during the integration of your CRM platform with our APSIS solution. Increase your deliverability and drive engagement in your email campaigns by drawing from our local experience, then use your up-to-date information in one of our several partner platforms. We’re happy to share our know-how with you any time.


Integrating your platforms creates new possibilities of using your data, so you can provide more personal and relevant communication for your contacts.


Set up targeted email flows to nurture your leads after automatically synchronising your campaign members to lists and receiving data about their behaviour.

Easy access

Access APSIS Pro through a single sign-on from Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM to enjoy all the benefits of a unified environment for your business needs.

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