Your solution for event management

Pleasing your participants just became easier. Automate invitations and reminders, monitor the response of your guests and welcome them yourself - all with our easy‐to‐use APSIS Pro Event tool. 

Keep track of it all

Ever wondered how event planners keep all the details in their heads? APSIS Pro Event keeps track of every item of information and collects it into a single platform, from confirmed invitations to automated reminders and late cancellations. This way, you get a holistic overview of all the administration, without needing to worry about information falling through the cracks. Save your resources and simplify your administration, all at the same time.

Guarantee customer satisfaction

Thanks to the unique, integrated APSIS Pro Event check-in function, all you need to guarantee your guests a smooth arrival is a device of your own choice. The continuously updated participant list keeps things running easily in the background, giving you a chance to show your guests what you really want to. Streamline your check-in process with our platform and let go of all stress: even if someone else is managing the check-in process, everything will go smoothly.

See what APSIS Pro Event can do.

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