Keep it personal with email automation and triggers

Increase the impact of your email marketing campaign by adding the ultimate ingredient: automated emails. Reach your customers with the right message at the right time with APSIS Pro Trigger. 

It pays to show you care

The best emails aren’t just relevant: they speak to your head and your heart. With APSIS Pro Trigger, you can personalise emails based on your subscribers’ behaviours and preferences – and fully automate the process going forward. The result? Improved customer relations, increased sales and higher engagement levels.

Keep your customers close

When someone clicks on an item on your website or newsletter, they are showing interest in you. You can show your interest in return by setting up a sequence of emails that will be triggered by their click. APSIS Pro Trigger - together with our Integration features - lets you offer them help, provide product recommendations or even send birthday greetings! Not only will you increase your results, your subscribers' customer experience will also improve substantially.  

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