Gorgeous looks for your eDM campaigns

Create beautiful, expressive designs with our simple drag-and-drop tools and ready-to-use templates. Increase engagement with relevant sendings and pre-filled demographic fields.

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Drag-and-drop interface

Our intuitive platform lets you create compelling email campaigns easier than ever before.

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Perfect on every device

We make sure your design looks like you want it on every device or email client of your recipients.

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Unmistakably yours

Choose one of our standard templates or craft your own unique design with our help. Your choice.

Examples of companies that create successful Email Marketing campaigns with us

"APSIS Pro is a structured eDM system with quite a lot of options you can choose from. APSIS’ system is stable and you can get comprehensive reports. We are satisfied with the platform for the past few years."

– Sales and Marketing Director, Wall Street Institute

Engage your audience

The more you adjust your email campaigns to fit your subscribers' interests, the more likely you are to get the response you want: higher opening and click-through rates. APSIS Pro lets you craft unique content based on the demographic data, click behaviour and survey response of your audience - without creating any extra work for yourself. Our marketing automation features will let you personalise each newsletter you send out simply and easily. Add to that the APSIS Pro Spam test feature, the native image gallery and unique use of demographic fields, and you will have everything you need to engage your subscribers more than ever before.

Take care of your lists

There’s a saying within our industry: happy subscribers mean happy sales. With APSIS Pro, you will have a complete overview of your list building - whether that means capturing the email addresses of interested website visitors, importing them from Excel and CSV, or automating the whole process. But more than that, we make sure that your mailings respect the privacy of your audience, and avoid delivery issues that may hurt your brand. The result? A happy, long-term relationship with everyone in your audience.

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Access rights? It's up to you.

With APSIS Pro, you decide how much access each affiliate, branch or subsidiary has to your account. Not only does this keep you in control of access rights, it also helps you track who is responsible for content creation, scheduling and data crunching in the background.

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Ramp up your performance

APSIS Pro lets you monitor bounces, opening rates and click-through rates in real-time, thanks to our Integration features with Google Analytics, NedStat or Omniture. You will also receive detailed reports after each mailing you send. Up-to-date statistics, all the time.  

Become an expert on email marketing

Expand your knowledge on email marketing and get great tips on creating engaging email campaigns that generate results.

Get to know APSIS Pro for yourself.

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