Turn your website visitors into customers

APSIS Ecom Browse Abandonment invites visitors back to your website by sending their recently browsed products to their inbox.

Give your visitors a reason to return

Not all of your website visitors will make it to the checkout page - in fact, only 2% (on average) of all your website visitors will end up as paying customers. But what if you could give your digital window-shoppers a second chance to pick up their products?

With APSIS Ecom Browse Abandonment you can easily send timely, personalised emails that show your website visitors the products they have been looking for, before they decided to leave.

Higher relevance: more conversions

Your customers expect you to be relevant - not least when you’re knocking on their inbox! Studies have shown that businesses using personalized email marketing improve click-through rates by up to 14% (and sales conversions by 10%). But if you have a large product offering and a broad target audience, this is easier said than done.

APSIS Ecom Browse Abandonment ensures high relevance by sending emails that match your visitors’ behaviour. It lets you trigger personalised emails based on product categories, as well as specific products, to guide your visitors back to their favourite products.

A wholly integrated experience

Don't forget about our integration between APSIS Ecom and APSIS Pro! Combine data from your visitors' on-site browsing behaviour with your data about them in APSIS Pro to further improve and personalise your customer journey.

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