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Posted 26th June 2018 by Jess

Top 5 Marketing Automation Trends for 2018

Our Digital Marketing expert Wilhelm Sahlberg guides you through his top 5 trends in marketing automation that are transforming from buzzwords into must-haves.

Tags: Marketing Automation, Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 26th June 2018 by Jess

Inside APSIS: Tapping into a goldmine of customer insights (your CRM)

What part does APIs and Integrations play when it comes to data-driven marketing and the customer experience? Our very own tech-savvy expert Max Gunstone answers these questions – and much more!

Tags: Integrations, Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 17th May 2018 by Jess

3 Common Deliverability Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

We asked our Deliverability Team to tell us about common deliverability mistakes and the future of email threats.

Tags: Email Marketing

Posted 26th March 2018 by Jess

14 Design Tips For Successful Emails- Part 2

Here is part 2 of the successful email design tips Q&A.

Tags: Email Marketing

Posted 26th March 2018 by Jess

11 E-commerce, Marketing Automation and MarTech Expert Predictions for 2018

Let our experts in e-commerce, marketing automation and marketing technology: Sofie Bjerkefeldt, Wilhelm Sahlberg and James Carter deliver their predictions for 2018 so you can get a head start!

Tags: Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, E-commerce, Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 26th March 2018 by Jess

Low Conversion Rates on Your Ecommerce? Here are 10 Common Problems

Does your e-commerce business suffer from a high bounce rate? Our e-commerce evangelist Sofie Bjerkefeldt walks you through 10 challenges that complicate the journey from visitor to customer.

Tags: E-commerce

Posted 26th March 2018 by Jess

4 Emails That Enhance Your Customer Journey

The digital customer journey is having a golden moment. And with good reason. Even the evolving customer journeys can be improved in a few, fairly straightforward ways, find out the 4 emails that will do the job.

Tags: Email Marketing, E-commerce

Posted 26th March 2018 by Jess

14 Design Tips For Successful Emails- Part 1

We collected some of the most burning questions that came up during our Email Design webinar and answered them - here is part 1, enjoy!

Tags: Email Marketing

Posted 22nd February 2018 by Jess

4 Marketing Automation Myths and Why They are Wrong

Whenever new trends hit the market, questions and confusions also become part of the equation. Does marketing automation make marketers lazy? And does it make branding message more robotic? We'll sort out these myths for you!

Tags: Marketing Automation

Posted 22nd February 2018 by Jess

4 Crucial Reasons Why Turning Customers into Subscribers Would Improve Loyalty in the Long Run

Email generates leads, facilitates relationships and strengthens a brand’s position in the customer’s mind. But do you know why it’s crucial to your success that you convert customers into subscribers? We’ll let you know!

Tags: Email Marketing


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