Increase conversion with shopping cart recovery

Target, engage and convert high-quality customers and prospects with APSIS Ecom Abandoned shopping cart, our e-commerce solution for increasing your recovery rates and bottom line.

Help your customers to check-out

76% of all website visitors add several items to their online shopping carts, but then leave the website without actually purchasing anything. With APSIS Ecom Abandoned shopping cart, you can reach out to these visitors to rekindle their interest and help them to check-out. In addition to increasing your conversion rates, you will also improve their customer experience significantly. 

"We can clearly see that our revenue has increased. For us, APSIS is an active tool to push sales and inspire our clients."

- Anders Lindström, Sales Manager, Turkietresor

Reach out while you can

An abandoned shopping cart does not mean a visitor has decided not to buy from you. Often they are still wrapped up in their decision-making process, which means the chance to make the purchase is still very much alive. It also means a chance to engage someone in conversation, which is rewarding on a whole new level.

Raise your customer rates

APSIS Ecom Abandoned shopping cart combines automation technology with follow-up emails to remind potential customers of their interest in your product and help them finalise their purchase. Did you know that the recovery rate of shoppers who received email reminders is approximately 10%? And all it takes is a gentle nudge.

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