No more guessing - just split testing

Take the guesswork out of your content creation: compare the performance of different subject lines, delivery times or content whenever you want with APSIS Pro A/B Split test.

A B test

Optimise your performance

Do you know what makes your audience click? APSIS Pro A/B Split test helps you maximise your opening and click-through rates with each A/B test you carry out. Learn more about your audience, apply your findings to your next campaigns - and watch engagement rise.

Test what you want to

Find out what works and what doesn’t. With APSIS Pro A/B Split test, you select the detail you’re wondering about (subject lines, sender names, delivery times or anything else), then all you need to do is choose the size of your audience's test sample and run the test. It’s that simple.

See how you can avoid guesswork too.

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